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Treatment Available

Sotrovimab Monoclonal antibodies, which is currently the only FDA approved monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19. These lab-made antibodies serve as substitute antibodies that help our immune systems mimic the defense of natural COVID-19 antibodies, which have been determined to reduce serious infection and death. This is an FDA EUA approved treatment for COVID-19.

Patients are assessed to determine their risk of complications due to COVID-19 and categorized into one of four risk groups

After entering your body, monoclonal antibodies look for and attach to the spike protein that sticks out of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. When monoclonal antibodies attach to the spike protein, they can block the virus’s ability to enter cells, thereby slowing down the infection. More information about the EUA approved COVID treatments and fact sheets for the various monoclonal antibody medications can be found here.

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